Hello World! Today is Wednesday. Who said that the new life, new projects, new something should absolutely start on Monday? I woke up today and the first thought on my mind was (quoting) ” Wednesday Bliss aka a day off’ instead of my normal “(censored) …this Life”. I started to move slowly around the place, which looked so endlessly new today (maybe because it is the first day i have been awaken by the spring sun and now my alarm clock). Then I made a coffee and put off the breakfast till perhaps lunch time. I may not end up cooking something awesome because I am not that awesome, I mean I do cook, but I CAN’T COOK PROPERLY IN THE MORNINGS.  Not that I am proud of such talent of mine, but my conscience has been turned off for quite a time.

Later I found myself being busy with very urgent tasks: looking outside the window, chatting on the phone with every colleague of mine who happened to be less lucky and were enjoying the working Wednesday. Oh and I have a new curtain and now I will be hiding my shiny apartment from the grey gloomy high-rise building next to mine.

Oh, I am new to the bogging world. But I am not the freshman in the land of writing.  Normally I am a real chatter-box. I love different discussions and talks about ‘nothing-in-particular’. Therefore there is no surprise I have got this autobiographical itching and I dared to address to the Internetsphere on my own behalf. I was really lucky to have found some passionate readers already and now I decided to try my luck once again (somehow it has always been not the easiest thing for me). Perhaps there are some people who will understand me even more then the high school friends who loved giving tips about dating the right boys and exchanging bubble gums. I am also ready to pour down some gelid confessions from the bottom of my soul, and I hope these thoughts won’t get lost on the way to the ‘post’ button (which usually happens). I may not (yet) have my own style of writing and my imagination sometimes resembles the foggy mirror from your bathroom. But I definitely have something…

So new blog, new curtain, new attitude to Wednesdays and my temporal absence of cooking-in-the-morning skills!