I have two clocks here. And they have nothing to do with my protest to implement the DLS into my life or my lazineness. But it’s all because of (thanks to) one person who lives far away form here, these thousand miles and also have two clocks in his place. I am in love. I am in love with the city that never bores me, the city that always surprises me, the ‘HIS city’! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you, Vancouver! Do you know what is Vancouver? Oh, you do!? Well, do you know what is Vancouver to me? Let me tell you.

Vancouver is not just one stunning Canadian city (all of you, Canada, is stunning), but it is the mystery piquing the imagination, it is the amazing corner of the world where my fantasies are free and i am enjoying the liberation of feelings and thoughts. It is the music, coming from the bars, it is a fairy-tale journey infested with the laughter, courage and novelty.

Vancouver is the place where my favourite street is. It is unusual coincidences, it is cocktailS (for me) and  beer (for him), until the sunset bursts into our windows. It is long night talks about childhood and life in general. It is being lazy with the ‘whatever’ sign on the front door. It is the small pebbles or souvenir pennies from the Olympic Games throwing in the water. It is sun dresses, comfortable shoes, sunglasses lemonade and him talking about BBQ (or boasting, but it is not the point in this post). It is a night kiss, night kisses, niiiiggghhhttt kiiisssseeesss… and all the rest. It is a fresh breeze, that makes you hair happy and takes you to the word that exists in your imagination. It is when you listen to someone and you hear them, when you catch the meaning at once, from the quick glance to his brown eyes, or sometimes you take the hint even without looking. It is when emotions are overwhelming, it is when you are thinking and thinking hard… It is when you cry the happy tears. It is when you love and realize no matter how much time has passed from the first time you met each other, you are not a habit, you are real. It is forever to say the least. Nothing bothers you when you believe that here it is  – something that worth living, to the fullest, appreciating, with no regrets.

It is not an advertising campaign on behalf of one passionate traveller. It is my dream, the place that is calling me, and i am letting myself be a bit emotional on the grey Spring morning (only in these circumstances trust me)

p.s.  when you ever meet me in person, and i will be accompanied by a tall strong man wearing leather jacket and Diesel jeans, drinking his Tim Hortons black coffee, never mention ‘ah right, this is the man from that sappy post on your blog!’. He will discover one day eventually.